6 Things to Love about MSM

You know that rotten-egg smell that starts to pop up on Avila Beach Drive, just after exiting the highway? Well, you may not know it yet, but that stuff may hold the key to your good health. That stuff, of course, is sulfur and it is one of the most vital nutrients our bodies require; yet it is glaringly absent in modern-day diets. Fortunately, there is a solution: MSM (methylsulfonylmethane).

We recently caught wind of a ridiculously vibrant 97-year-old great grandmother, who swears by the stuff. She takes two teaspoons a day and calls MSM her “fountain of youth.” Figuring it would be fun to experiment on ourselves, we gave it a 30-day trial… and the results have been impressive. Now, we’re not scientists, and we’re not doctors, but you may want to look into it for yourself. There is a lot to love about MSM, but our research honed in on six highlights.


Doctors are beginning to reach a consensus on the idea that almost all disease comes from one source: inflammation. In fact, some go so far as to say that diseases, at least autoimmune disorders, are merely outward manifestations of the same core issue, which is an immune system in hyperdrive—another way to describe inflammation. MSM is a critical component in the chemical pathways allowing our bodies to remove waste from our cells. This metabolic process has a side benefit, which is weight loss.


Who doesn’t want better, stronger, healthier hair and nails? MSM is also known as a “beauty mineral” that enables our bodies to produce collagen and keratin the way that we are supposed to create it, naturally. There is also some data suggesting that MSM teams up with Vitamin C somehow to build new, healthy tissues. After just a couple of weeks of consistent use, you should notice a difference. We sure did!


One of the key things that MSM does—and this, of course, is greatly simplified—is to make your cells more permeable, which allows toxins and waste to leave and water and other essential nutrients to move in. Further, it dissolves calcium phosphate, the bad calcium that is often found at the root of many degenerative diseases.


With all those pesky toxins on their way out, your body has more time to deal with other things, like digestion. It may sound elementary, but optimal digestion leads to optimal energy as more nutrients are extracted and absorbed, which, of course, is how we get our energy. Did you know that the simple act of digesting our food takes 70 to 80% of our overall energy reserves? Naturally, if our bodies are forced to fight off inflammation instead of processing the lunch we just ate, then less resources are available and less of the food is broken down fully, which leads to what we commonly refer to as “poor digestion.”


Many of us jokingly call San Luis Obispo the “Allergy Capital of the World,” but it is no laughing matter when those old familiar symptoms appear. We know of someone, a regular allergy sufferer, here that took MSM this year and noted only traces of his usual sniffles this season. And, he wasn’t just imagining it. According to a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, subjects who took 2,600-mg of MSM found, too, that their symptoms abated significantly after just seven days of use.


This one was a shock for us, as we noticed a distinct lack of the usual soreness the day after a workout when taking MSM. Research seems to point to cell permeability, which we have already talked about, but also something decidedly less scientific: tissue “juiciness.” That’s right, when all the post-workout hydration makes its way into the fatigued muscles, they are able to retain their naturally vibrant suppleness. But, don’t take our word for it. Try it for yourself. Give it a week or two before you look for any difference.

A few notes about taking MSM:

The brand that kept coming up in our research was OptiMSM, which is derived from a natural source. It comes in a little one-pound tub of coarse flakes that dissolve in water. Apparently, it is best when taken with a little bit of Vitamin C, such as a dash of lemon juice. Start with one teaspoon and work your way up to two or three a day. Go slowly in the beginning, otherwise you will be spending a lot of time in the restroom. Fair warning: MSM tastes terrible, similar to untreated well water, which is often sulfur-rich. But, if you dilute it down and take it with some juice you won’t notice it much. Or, if you’re not up for conquering the flavor, try it in capsule form. Stick with it for a month and let us know if you feel any difference.

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