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Lake Life

Summertime is my favorite season. And what’s not to love? It’s all about relaxation, sunshine, excitement, and late nights. By Paden Hughes While I grew up anticipating new experiences of travel and adventure during summers, my husband has always associated…

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Seasonal Suds

By Brant Myers I live by the adage that any weather is beer weather. Cold and dark winter months pair just as nicely with a rich porter as do the warm, long days of summer with a refreshing pilsener. You…

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Shoot the Mariner

Local quartet Shoot the Mariner once performed live atop Cuesta Ridge under a canopy in a giant rainstorm.  As frontman Daryl Dingman describes it, “The concert was extremely dangerous, but great fun.” By Dawn Janke Not all Shoot the Mariner…

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Q&A with Aaron Gomez

Newly minted San Luis Obispo City Councilman AARON GOMEZ stopped by the office the other day for a wide-ranging conversation that touched on a variety of subjects spanning from jewelry-making to environmental policy, tattoo sleeves to Buddhist philosophies. Here is…

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Plant-based Cuisine

Think vegetarian food means only soyrizo and kasha? Think again. A whole new crop of veg eateries is sprouting up across the Central Coast with tasty dishes in every color of the rainbow. By Jaime Lewis My brush with vegetarianism…

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Herrick House

Not long after his forty-fifth birthday, Terry Herrick had a disconcerting thought—he may be digging his own grave. His employer, which manufactured plastic pipe valves and fittings, was asking him to hire a steady stream of young, fresh-out-of-school eager beavers.…

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