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Meet Jesse Dundon, A New Generation Of Entrepreneurs Who Are Reshaping The Central Coast Economy.

SLO LIFE Magazine Oct/Nov 2020

Meet Chris Burkard continues to explore the far corners of the globe. The self-taught professional photographer now spends his time teaching the craft to others.
Meet Erica Baltodano SLO Attorney

SLO LIFE Magazine Aug/Sep 2020

Meet Chris Burkard continues to explore the far corners of the globe. The self-taught professional photographer now spends his time teaching the craft to others.

SLO LIFE Magazine Jun/Jul 2020

Meet Chris Burkard continues to explore the far corners of the globe. The self-taught professional photographer now spends his time teaching the craft to others.
SLO LIFE Magazine Marisa Bloch Gaytan

SLO LIFE Magazine Apr/May 2020

Meet Marisa Bloch Gaytan as we reminisce about her time as our very first Cal Poly intern and representing a new generation on the Central Coast who scrape and hustle their way towards a living and a future.

SLO LIFE Magazine Feb/Mar 2020

There is not much that Eric Veium would not do for alternative energy, including donating one of his kidneys.

SLO LIFE Magazine Dec/Jan 2020

Meet Wendy Wendt, chief executive of First 5 as we coaxed her into sharing her own journey and philosophy borne of an unshakable optimism.
Meet Michael Boyer, Who Beat Long Odds To Become The Chief Executive Officer Of Doc Burnstein's Ice Cream Lab

SLO LIFE Magazine Oct/Nov 2019

Meet Michael Boyer, who beat long odds to become the Chief Executive Officer of Doc Burnstein's Ice Cream Lab
Meet Melissa James, This Executive Is Forging A Dynamic Future For The Central Coast Through Her Work With The Hourglass Project.

SLO LIFE Magazine Aug/Sep 2019

Meet Melissa James, this executive is forging a dynamic future for the Central Coast through her work with the Hourglass Project.
Transitions-Mental Health Association Executive Director Jill Bolster-White

SLO LIFE Magazine Jun/Jul 2019

Meet Mike Wozniak, this coach steps off the court and into our office to share his love of the game.

SLO LIFE Magazine Apr/May 2019

Meet Cara Crye a fourth generation Central Coast native and CEO of Farm Supply.

SLO LIFE Magazine Feb/Mar 2019

Meet San Luis Obispo radio host Dave Congalton.

SLO LIFE Magazine Dec/Jan 2019

Meet Kannyn January the owner of the downtown SLO business Ambiance.

SLO LIFE Magazine Oct/Nov 2018

From reality TV star to life on the ranch, furniture designer Jory Brigham shares his story.

SLO LIFE Magazine Aug/Sep 2018

Denise Taylor shares the story of forgiving the man who murdered her brother.
Meet Adam Stowe General Manager Of San Luis Obispo Blues Baseball, Where He Has Been Engineering A Remarkable Turnaround.

SLO LIFE Magazine Oct/Nov 2012

Meet Adam Stowe General Manager of San Luis Obispo Blues Baseball, where he has been engineering a remarkable turnaround.

SLO LIFE Magazine Jun/Jul 2018

Meet Pancho Herrera; Building Community and Sharing the Road.

SLO LIFE Magazine Apr/May 2018

Meet Kathy Callahan and learn how bringing joy is most important.

SLO LIFE Magazine Feb/Mar 2018

Meet Rushdi Cader and find out why advocating for the vulnerable makes him tick.
SLO Life Magazine Dec/Jan 2018 Cover

SLO LIFE Magazine Dec/Jan 2018

Meet Maureen Vazquez owner and operator of Pipsticks and much more!
Cal Poly Lofts, The Renovated Blackstone-Sauer Building

SLO LIFE Magazine Oct/Nov 2017

Meet Mike Durighello Brewing Success & Mindful Growth.
In Partnership With Leadership San Luis Obispo, We Are Proud To Introduce You To Class 26

SLO LIFE Magazine Aug/Sep 2017

Meet Dana O'Brien, inspired by her creativity, we sat down with this local entrepreneur to hear her story.
Retired Journalist John P. Lindsay

SLO LIFE Magazine Jun/Jul 2017

Meet Phillip Toriello one of the Central Coast’s best-known lifeguards and learning what motivates him to help kids become their best selves.
San Luis Obispo's Off-campus Rentals

SLO LIFE Magazine Apr/May 2017

Meet Sara Peterson the award-winning barista to discuss family, passion, and of course, hard work.
Meet Leslie O'Connor SLO High School Principal

SLO LIFE Magazine Feb/Mar 2017

Meet Leslie O'Connor the SLO High School Principal and learn what drives student success.
The Creston Line Band

SLO LIFE Magazine Dec/Jan 2017

Meet Taylor Gilkey, Preserving Heritage & Designing Success.
A Warm Afternoon In Pismo Beach Led Surf Photographer Chris Burkard Into The Water To Capture A Perfect Sunset

SLO LIFE Magazine Oct/Nov 2016

Meet Taylor Newton and learn what makes this guerrilla gardener tick.
John Spatafore Shares His Thoughts About Our Local Homeless Population And The New Center At 40 Prado

SLO LIFE Magazine Aug/Sep 2016

Meet Kristen Hazard the high tech entrepreneur giving the scoop on the next big thing.
Meet Executive Director Of The San Luis Obispo Wine Country Association Heather Muran

SLO LIFE Magazine Jun/Jul 2016

Meet Wally Ajanel the entrepreneur who did it his way.
Susan Ritchie Is Ready To Release Her Favorites In A New Album

SLO LIFE Magazine Apr/May 2016

Meet Jaime Holm and find out how this competitive surfer became an aficionado of rusty gold.
The Shawn Clark Band

SLO LIFE Magazine Feb/Mar 2016

Meet Clint Pearce as we spend an afternoon on the ranch talking about everything under the wide open sky.
Meet Sarah Bellum This Millennial Is Weaving Together A Zero Waste Lifestyle

SLO LIFE Magazine Dec/Jan 2016

Meet Sarah Bellum this Millennial is weaving together a zero waste lifestyle.
Bringing Back A Taste Of Classic Americana, Paden Hughes Takes A Trip To San Luis Obispo's Long-standing Sunset Drive-In Theatre

SLO LIFE Magazine Oct/Nov 2015

Meet Jeremy Bates and learn how the self-described hope dealer connects with our youth by teaching them that life is best lived truthfully. CEO, Blake Irving And His Wife, Carol, Open The Doors To Their Historic Family Home In Downtown San Luis Obispo

SLO LIFE Magazine Aug/Sep 2015

Meet Tara Malzone the executive director of the Central Coast Aquarium in Avila Beach.

SLO LIFE Magazine Jun/Jul 2015

Meet Eric Soderquist and his unique perspective as we talk with this surfer turned artist.
With A Focus On Community Building, Roberto Monge Shares His Thoughtful Ideas For Reclaiming The Village

SLO LIFE Magazine Apr/May 2015

Meet Aubrie Hilstein Luiz and her path that led to helping others after overcoming her own demons.
The Jade Jackson Band Is Taking The Central Coast By Storm And Shooting For The Stars

SLO LIFE Magazine Feb/Mar 2015

Meet Russ Levanway, after 20 years without hearing, a world of opportunity opens up.
San Luis Obispo's Housing Crisis

SLO LIFE Magazine Dec/Jan 2015

Meet Lesley Santos Dierks as we discuss the quickly evolving world of nonprofits
Meet Eric Meyer As He Supports The Effort To Create A

SLO LIFE Magazine Oct/Nov 2014

Meet Eric Meyer as he supports the effort to create a "massive network of interconnected off-highway bike paths".
Keeping The Peace With San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson In A Wide-ranging Interview

SLO LIFE Magazine Aug/Sep 2014

Meet Stephanie Burchiel as she divides her time between the kitchen and farmers' markets where she makes a living selling her vegan soups.
Sommer Sara And Nora Of Sephora Pottery Barn And Barnes & Noble

SLO LIFE Magazine Jun/Jul 2014

Meet Bill Ostrander who's Citizens' Congress focuses on campaign reform.
Terri Kurczewski Executive Director Of The Child Development Resource Center Of The Central Coast

SLO LIFE Magazine Apr/May 2014

Meet Terri Kurczewski, Executive Director of the Child Development Resource Center of the Central Coast.
Dave Congalton Is Hosting A Radio Talk Show

SLO LIFE Magazine Feb/Mar 2014

Meet Dan Berkeland, his baked goods have spawned a cult-like following and launching Pan d'Oro bakery.
Jennifer Alton Is A Defense Attorney With Alton & Allen

SLO LIFE Magazine Dec/Jan 2014

Meet Naomi Neilson Howard, the founder and CEO of Native Trails.
Meet Botso Korisheli Who Grew Up In The Republic Of Georgia Now Works Tirelessly To Teach Music To Thousands Of Central Coast Students

SLO LIFE Magazine Oct/Nov 2013

Meet Botso Korisheli who grew up in the Republic of Georgia now works tirelessly to teach music to thousands of Central Coast students.
Meet Tina Swithin Who Received International Recognition For Her Blog

SLO LIFE Magazine Aug/Sep 2013

Meet Tina Swithin who received international recognition for her blog "Divorcing a Narcissist-One Mom's Battle".
Meet Rick Stollmeyer Co-founder Of MindBody One Of The Central Coast's Fastest Growing Companies-ever.

SLO LIFE Magazine Jun/Jul 2013

Meet Rick Stollmeyer co-founder of MindBody one of the Central Coast's fastest growing companies-ever.

SLO LIFE Magazine Apr/May 2013

Meet Sonja Polk as she speaks out about her troubled childhood and help from Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA).
Meet Steve Kragenbrink The Community Program Director At Woods Humane Society

SLO LIFE Magazine Feb/Mar 2013

Meet Steve Kragenbrink the Community Program Director at Woods Humane Society, where he serves as the voice of dogs and cats searching for homes.
Meet Lisa Leonard As She Balances A Jewelry Business And Family Life Gracefully

SLO LIFE Magazine Dec/Jan 2013

Meet Lisa Leonard as she balances a jewelry business and family life gracefully.
Meet Kimberly Walker Who Started A Restaurant In The Old Granda Hotel Where They Also Are Opening A 17-room Luxury Hotel In Downtown San Luis Obispo

SLO LIFE Magazine Aug/Sep 2012

Meet Kimberly Walker who started a restaurant in the old Granda Hotel where they also are opening a 17-room luxury hotel in downtown San Luis Obispo.
Meet Rich Seubert After His Ten-year Career With The New York Giants He And His Family Moved To San Luis Obispo In December

SLO LIFE Magazine Jun/Jul 2012

Meet Rich Seubert after his ten-year career with the New York Giants he and his family moved to San Luis Obispo in December.
Meet Elise Kephart A Top Performing Car Salesperson Pioneering An Innovative Use Of Video Becoming The

SLO LIFE Magazine Apr/May 2012

Meet Elise Kephart, a top performing car salesperson pioneering an innovative use of video becoming the "YouTube Diva" of the auto industry.
Meet Ahmad Nooristani, Born In Afghanistan, Smuggled Into Pakistan To Escape Was, And Immigrated To The United States At 14-years-old Where He Worked Full-tie Since The Third Day He Arrived

SLO LIFE Magazine Feb/Mar 2012

Meet Ahmad Nooristani, born in Afghanistan, smuggled into Pakistan to escape was, and immigrated to the United States at 14-years-old where he worked full-tie since the third day he arrived.
Colombian-born Enrique Sanchez-Rivera Has Chosen San Luis Obispo As The New Home For His La Isla Bathing Suit Brand

SLO LIFE Magazine Dec/Jan 2012

Meet Bridget Ready who with her husband, Paul, an attorney, she co-founded Jack's Helping Hand, which was inspired by their experience caring for their son, Jack.

SLO LIFE Magazine Oct/Nov 2011

Meet Kevin Harris the Ivy League Managing Artistic Director of The SLO Little Theatre

SLO LIFE Magazine Aug/Sep 2011

Meet Ermina Karim the new SLO Chamber CEO. She grew up in the Midwest while maintaining close ties to her parents' native Bangladesh.

SLO LIFE Magazine Jun/Jul 2011

Meet Jay Asher, his book, 13 Reasons Why, has been a runaway hit with teens all over the world
Meet Your Neighbor Kara Wood And Learn About Her Business Bloom Microgreens

SLO LIFE Magazine Spring 2011

Meet Your Neighbor Kara Wood and learn about her business Bloom Microgreens
Meet Harmony True An Instructor At The San Luis Obispo Academy Of Dance

SLO LIFE Magazine Fall 2010

Meet Lief McKay, an Australian native and twelve-year resident of San Luis Obispo, landscape architect and President of the SLO Rugby Club

SLO LIFE Magazine Summer 2010

Meet Lief McKay, an Australian native and twelve-year resident of San Luis Obispo, landscape architect and President of the SLO Rugby Club
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