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Jun/Jul 2013 |  Volume 9 – Number 2

  • Meet Rick Stollmeyer co-founder of MindBody one of the Central Coast’s fastest growing companies-ever
  • Celebrating it’s 30th year, today Farmers’ Market is recognized as world-class and its credited as a top tourist draw to the Central Coast. And Deborah Cash, who heads up the Downtown Association, has been there since its humble inception
  • In 2008 local photographer, Trevor Povah, filmed and produced a documentary called “Lost in the Middle” which explored local surf culture by profiling eight Central Coast surfers
  • Jim Gerpheide likes to say that he does not really own his home on Islay Street, he’s just “taking care of it for awhile.” to ensure that the historic Sandercock House will be around for generations to come
  • As the name implies, Hi Mountain Road takes you up and over one of the mountain ranges that separates North San Luis Obispo County from South
  • Blown Away-does this mean it’s time to ban leaf blowers altogether and go back to hiring the neighborhood kid? Maybe
  • It has been said that you have to spend years roaming around playing dive bars to become an overnight success. And for Pismo Beach-based punk band Heart to Heart, overnight success now seems within reach
  • Through a coalition of public and private entities, young entrepreneurs now have a place to make their dreams a reality at the SLO Hot House
  • Since SLO LIFE Magazine was turning three years old, we decided to celebrate by getting ourselves a shiny, new website
  • Date Night User $100-Keep your relationship fresh and exciting. Beware of the mundane and routine when it comes to romance
  • Nothing says summer like grilling burgers. We’ve taken the liberty of revamping the All-American classic with a tangy twist and paired it with delicious baked sweet potato fries

Live the SLO LIFE with your San Luis Obispo Magazine! SLO County is an amazing, unique even magical place that becomes a part of the people who live and visit here. From Nipomo to Paso Robles, and all that lies in between, SLO LIFE Magazine brings you the very best of California’s Central Coast.

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